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Pop-up still missing on old Android in 3.5.1

Jonáš Veselka shared this problem 7 years ago
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I still can't see any pop-up label when tap on the icon of point/geocache. It goes directly to the geocache screen. Even after 3.5.0/3.5.1.

I have Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and Locus Pro 3.5.1. I can send log file, if it helps.


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Good day Jonáš,

in version 3.4.0 comes on light new system of popups, which has one limitation - it requires at least Android 4. Unfortunately there is no alternative solution for this. So on all older devices with 2.x Android, there is not possible to display these nice popups.

So in current version should be possible to highlight point by center cross and display small old popup and also should work long-click to display address search, but new popups won't work.


OK, thanks for the explanation. I couldn't find this information. Thought it's a bug, when I read "fix: missing old popup views on Android 2.x" (and overlooked old).

Just another reason to buy new phone :-)


Hmm you're absolutely right ... this text "fix: ..." is quite confusing. Sorry and thanks for understanding.

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