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possibility of custom icons for poi db

Skully Fox shared this question 4 years ago


We made our national poi-db according to the format of Lomap-poi-db.

It includes 3 million POIs and work well.

But it can't show our custom icons when we use "Point of Interest(Beta)" feature.

If you include our custom poi icons to Locusmap app, (location of \assets\svg_db_poi\)

then we can use custom icons, by editing FoldersSub table.

If you agree with my suggestion, I will attatch our custom icons.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Picture below shows our custom icons


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honestly, I'd suggest generating your own map > create a custom theme and custom POI DB. This is the best option because it's independent on Locus assets. Please display any LoMap (with official POI DB) and click on ...let's say a restaurant. Locus display details o this point (that are loaded from LoMaps POI DB and the icon is defined by the theme. (Locus basically 'merge' the POIs from the map with DB POI on the fly). It requires that you use the same Key-Value pairs for POIs in the map and POIs in the DB.

So what you need:

Please see the article that describes how to convert the SHP file into Mapsforge map. The article is quite old, it doesn't describe exactly your situation but I think that the conversion itself is well described.

Thank you


Please feel free


Hi, Petr.

You said, "LoMaps POI DB and the icon is defined by the theme."

But It sounds strangely to me.

I think Lomaps Poi db icons came from inside of Locusmap '/assetes/icons_db_poi/'

Is that right? what you mean 'theme and icons' that define Lomaps poi db ?

I think external mapsforge theme just related with mapsforge map, not Lomap poi db icons.

Could you explain more precisely?


Hi,you have two ways how to display the POIs :

  • Menu - More - LoPoints - select category - display POIs on the map. In this case, POIs have a custom icon that is really defined in the asset
  • But you can simply browse the map and when you click on any map icon, Locus displays additional info that's loaded from POI Database


All these icons are clickable, data are loaded from POI DB, but the icon for POI is defined by the theme. I hope you can understand me :)

Regards, Petr

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