Possibility to disable What's New screen after update

-karotte- shared this idea 7 months ago

Would it be much efforts to grant the possibility to disable the "What's new?" screen after update?

From my naive perspective it should be one additional setting in the preferences and evaluating this setting during startup after update.

If I want to know the changes, I'd check the changelog. To be honest: Having to click away that screen after update is a bit annoying. I do not expect that screen because there might be a while between installing the update and next Locus use.

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Good day karotte,

creating such an option won't be too complicated. From time to time I read about some complaints on start-up procedure, that is visible after new install/updthe ate of app. We reduced frequency of major updates to once per 4-5 weeks so together with usually one/two minor bug-fix updates, we are close to 2-3 times visible "news screen"/month. I consider this as a not obtrusive common practice (to display news after start) and do not see a real reason to change this. Thanks for understanding.