Possibility for different map source at each zoom level

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Feature request: Possibility to mix different maps sources, single assigned for a zoom level.


I am permanentely using a mixture of two different maps types. The First is a sqlite created (bitmap) map from google maps download with mobac and the Second is a vector map created with osmosis.

The reason is easy: google maps looks better on low zoom levels but it is too big to download down to deep zoom levels. A vectormap is essential when using a whole country with detail in high zoom leven. When zooming down, the vectormaps of OSM has better detail quality than google maps and much better poi quality.

A way to create a "new map" with different map sources, one assigned to each zoom level is the key to sucess.

The "new map" could be just like an xml file or so referencing the .sqlite or .map files on the sd card. For me this would be an unique feature. :ugeek:

Map example:

A) sqlite, googemaps (created with mbac), ~3GB

Zoom level 1-6 whole world

Zoom level 7-8 whole EU

Zoom level 8-10 whole Germany

Zoom level 11-14 selected areas in Germany

Zoom level >=15 not suitable due to size

B) mapsforge vectormap,OSM, germany complete, 1.3GB

- ALL Zoom levels down to view with big amount of pois visible. (I think the pois in OSM are best in comparison to all other possible map sources)

- Self re-created with osmosis. I wanted more details to come visible at earlier zoom levens than the avialable .map files. (I don`t know the locus vector downloads if the element visibility is different to the other free vector downloads..)



- Creating a map which include zoom level + coresponding map source for example in an xml file...

- Zoom level 1-14: Map A (sqlite) is choosen automatically

- Zoom level 15+: Map B (vector) is choosen automatically

Have a nice day.


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Funny alias "gazooks"! :)

Interesting concept. It is similar to map quick-switch, but in vertical instead of horizontal, and not manual, but automagic.

+1 from me.


In accordance to






and perhaps


I see congruent needs. A definition file could do the job for different new fantastic features to give oportunity to mix up maps different ways without re-render with external tools. One thing to rule them all.

Another abstract idea on a definition file:

map=vector; sqllite=bitmap, 0 means "not set"







Zoom ... ,de_OSM_vector.map,0


I think this would also help with Bergfex maps. They do have different mapbase for each zoom-level. Would be fine to change mapbase automatically as requested above.



Regarding the Bergfex maps of Austria-

Just because the Bergfex maps are served up in such an inconvenient manner doesn`t mean you have to save them in the same structure.

You could start a Personal map called Austria, and using the Download Tab, and selecting "Seperate map(SQL type)", download each section of the Bergflex map into one huge monolithic map.

Or, if the file size gets too large, you could download each Bergfex section to it`s own Personal map, and then place them together in a subfolder named Locus/ maps/ Austria. Even though they would remain seperate maps, by grouping them in a subfolder, Locus will view them as one map.


good idea - thanks Starman...

But present I do have some different sections with different zooms. Can I merge them without downloading again ?


To do an actual merge of sqlite files you would have to do it on a PC. I think MOBAC will do it, but I have never tried.

You could also copy them from Locus/ mapsonline to Locus/ maps/ Austria , as I described in my previous post, creating a Personal map.



Thank you for this tip.

I tried this with some Bergfex maps and it seems to be ok (I have now to download many missing tiles).


Mobac is great but bitmap only. You can define maps sources to bring together with an xml file.

Here are some xml examples:


For each zoom level you can define the map source, areas to include. Mobac stored everythin in his file cache. All tiles already downloaded are not loaded again.

(Hint: Use an older version without google maps and many others not removed..)


This is a very good idea and I would love to have it in Locus.

It is allready implemented in CompeGPS Twonav and their IMP file format. Here is a simplified example (I had to replace >< with }{ to get it displayed here):

CompeGPS MAP File





{HLayer File="*_NS*.MPVF" visible="1" MaxZoomLevel="55"/}

{HLayer File="Germany.vmap" visible="56" MaxZoomLevel="99999" MinZoomLevel="5"/}

{HLayer File="MyHomeRegion.rmap" visible="1" MaxZoomLevel="55" MinZoomLevel="0"/}



Min Zoomlevel=highest resolution

MPVF&VMAP are Compe vector maps.

RMAP is Compe rastermap.

All Compe MPVF maps with "_NS" in it will be used from min Zoomlevel to upto Level 55.

Same goes for the Compe RMAP MyHomeRegion.rmap.

Germany.vmap (routable) will be used from min Zoomlevel 5 to max Zoomlevel 99999 as Overlay but will be visible only from Zoomlevel 56 upwards.

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