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c.s.g. shared this problem 6 years ago
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Saturo reported a problem on the german Locus forum when exporting geocaches via gpx files from Locus Pro and then importing this gpx files into GSAK, a Windows Geocaching App.

I. E. GSAK did not recognize child-waypoint of a geocache as child-waypoints of that geocache but as normal geocaches when importing this geocaches via a gpx file created by Locus Pro 3.26.2 or 3.27.0.

Therefore I posted a topic in the GSAK forum a few days ago. There is an attachment with a zip-file containing the original gpx-file from and two gpx-files exported from Locus Pro 3.26.2 at this topic. The gpx-files contains a geocache with two child-waypoints of that geocache.

Unfortunately there is no reaction of clyde, the author of GSAK so far.

I know this problem may not be Locus Pro related, but may I ask the developer team of Locus Pro to contact clyde via email because of this issue (clyde @ anyway? Maybe the communication between the two developer teams works better ;-).

The attached zip-file is the same as in the GSAK forum


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Good day c.s.g.,

I'm checking files in attachment and for me, definition of additional waypoints in GPX from Locus Map looks exactly same as in case of original GPX.

As a developer, I really do not like some cross-posting of same problem on more places, like users who write me here and also send me emails. So I believe that clyde will read your post on GSAK forum when he finds a time on it and answer you there.

If there will be anything I may do about this problem directly in Locus Map, let me know here, thanks!

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