Problem of restore LocusMap-Pro after a reset of my smartphone

Yves B. shared this question 12 months ago


Due to a technical problem on my smartphone (withoutconnexion with LocusMap), I had to reset my smartphone (Huawei P-Smart) onwhich I had LocusMap-Pro and many recorded hikes (files of hikes).

Before resetting, I made a backup of my smartphone on PC(with HiSuite from Huawei).

After resetting my smartphone, when I made a restore of mybackup from my PC, everything has been restored (calendar, contacts, messages,photos, videos, etc ..., including various applications and application data),except LocusMap-Pro. I had to download the LocusMap-Pro application again (noproblem for that, including my Locus cards), but I lost all the files of my hikesI had on my smartphone.

My questions :

1) Is there a way to find my tracks of lost hikes? How? Where? (I always have a copy of the backup of my smartphone done with HiSuite fromHuawei).

2) It seems that all my LocusMap-Pro data has not beensaved. Why ? What did I have to do? How to do, in the future, not to have thisproblem?

Thank you for your quick reply. Best regards.


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For 2) in the future I found this doc from locus pro which is also true when you have to reset the phone.


Hi Yves,

I personally don't have any experience with the HiSuite software so I don't know if it copies content of the phone memory to the PC as it was. If yes, there is a chance that your Locus tracks and points (or maps) can be restored. Check if you can find Locus directory and subfolders in the HiSuite.

As for the future phone resets, please follow instructions c.s.g. has recommended.

best regards

Michal, Locus team


Hi Michal and CSG,

Thanks a lot for your quick answers.

About my first question : I didn't find a "Locus" directory in my saved files. It looks like all elements of my phone were saved, except all the Locus files/elements. So, I lost my previous Locus files of my hikes ! It's not so serious !

About, my second question : thanks to CSG for your answer which would be of good help for the future.

Best regards.