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Problem when restoring a backup.

Vyacheslav Rotko shared this problem 4 years ago

Locus version 3.33.2 and beta

A) The buttons of the top and right panel are not restored. At the same time, the buttons of the left panel are restored.

How to check:

1. Run the Locus and make backup.

2. Delete the Locus from the phone and do not delete the Locus folder.

3. Set the Locus. (Why is the Locus set from scratch if there is a Locus folder?)

4. Run the backup manager. Restore all. (Why does Locus immediately refer to the "cloud" (GDrive)?)

B) Manual backup is not saved in the cloud (GDrive).

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Hi Vyacheslav,

ad 2) by deleting Locus do you mean uninstalling? Is Locus folder in its default position? i.e. in the inner memory? Ad 3) by setting Locus do you mean its installing? What do you mean by setting from scratch?


2. yes. uninstall

3. yes. default. in memory. Yes. installation

When I install the Locus and the Locus folder already exists, I expect all my settings to start. However, the Locus runs as if for the first time with the default settings. I think it was not like this before.


I can add the following. When I first made a recovery, before rebooting, I saw for a single moment my buttons on the top and right panels. But after the reboot, they disappeared.

To get my buttons on the top and right panels, I have to try several times to restore from different files. At some point, everything turns out.


Hi Vyacheslav,

Locus Map setting after installation is always default - the installation configuration is written in its core files not stored in Locus root directory. Therefore it's necessary to recover settings from backup.

A) I tested your reported issue but couldn't simulate it. My function panels recovered from backup correctly.

"Why does Locus immediately refer to the "cloud" (GDrive)?" - Locus in default setting does not refer to any cloud.

B) Manual backup is always saved only to Locus/backup directory. If you need it to be on cloud, you have to move it manually.


Michal, taking into account the information received from you, I performed:

1. Made an archive of the Locus folder

2. Uninstall Locus

3. Delete the Locus folder

4. Install the locus program.

5. Launched the program

6. From the archive extracted the last backup.

7. Launched backup manager and restored settings. Everything worked out

8. Extract the missing files from the archive into the Locus folder.

9. Success !!!

Isn't it a long way?

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