Problem with adress search on mobile connection, WIFI works

Jörg Meyer shared this question 2 months ago
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When I am in mobile data connection, the adress search does not find a thing in google-serach-modus e,g, "Berlin" or a street or anything. "no result. Please change your question/details (in german: Angaben)". searching via graph hopper works, and I get results.

when I have a WIFI connection, everything works just fine. the problem only occurs, when with a mobile connection. any suggestions?

I am using locus maps pro 3.34.0 on an samsung xcover3, android 5.1.1, playstore 12.3.19




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Hi Jörg,

have you checked any other online service in Locus via mobile data? E.g. downloading an online map or elevation data? Check also if your Locus has permission to use mobile data in your device system.