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Minor problem with cache listing

c.s.g. shared this problem 6 years ago


I have a minor problem with Locus Pro 3.25.5 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android 6.0.1 Stock ROM.

I. e. I have two geocaches in my database (GC7B9JC - Eidersperrwerk and GC581QX - Fröruper Berge ....). Now I select GC7B9JC for viewing, select the "LISTING" tab and scroll down to the end of the listing of GC7B9JC. In the next step I return back and select GC581QX for viewing. If I now select the "LISTING" tab I am in the middle of that listing close to the end and not at the beginning of the listing as I would expect. So I have to scroll up to see the beginning of the listing.

This happens sometimes vice versa too.


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Good day c.s.g.,

I'm surprised I did no noticed this problem before. Thanks, issue will be fixed in next version.

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