Problem with gps and data transmissions

Ivo Růžička shared this question 3 years ago


i have samsung galaxy s3 gt-9300 and now (last month) i have problem with gps and recording track and data transmission ... when gps is active and locus recording track and i send message by data, , locus lose signal from gps ... before one month ego locus work correctly...

do you hepl me with my problem ?



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this issue doesn't seem to have anything with Locus as it is absolutely independent on data reception - have you tested another GPS-dependent application or activity like some sportstracker etc.? If yes and the situation is the same then please have a look if your phone isn't in some battery-saving mode - it could switch off the GPS unit when the data chip is used (sounds weird but each device has its own "logic" in these modes). If the battery saving mode is on then assign an exclusion to Locus or just turn it off.


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