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Problem with Locus Map Pro initialization at startup

Hana Mlavcová shared this problem 4 years ago

There is a problem with initialization of Locus Map Pro app. Locus freezes on the second screen with a message "Initializing...".

Initialization means license verification and data downloading before Locus starts. For this reason, Google Play couldn't verify your purchased license of Locus Map Pro.

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Based on the time of reported issues and also fact that all older versions of Locus Map Pro do not work as well (so the issue is not in the last version itself), we believe that problem is in latest Google Play version 10.7.18 published at 30. June 2018.

We are now trying to contact Google support team with this issue.



Google released new version of Google Play (version number 10.7.19) app today. This version solves issue with initialization of Locus App. New Google Play app version isn't still available for all devices but we expect that should be ready for everyone in next hours. We suggest to wait for the new version of Google Play. You can check your version via Google Play store > Menu > Settings > "Build version" (10.7.19 it's needed).

In case that you want to wait for official update there is still following workaround:

  • open Android settings > Apps > Google Play
  • tap on Disable or Menu -Uninstall updates > (submit dialog to set app into Factory state)
  • open again Google Play store > from Menu > Settings > scroll down and tap on "Build version"
  • confirm downloading new version > wait couple minutes wait check build version again. It should be 10.06.08 or 10.7.19
  • after that try to start Locus Map app

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