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Problem with new Logmanager when importing geocaches I found

c.s.g. shared this problem 5 years ago


when I import geocaches from a pocketquery containing geocaches and corresponding found logs the logs are shown / storred in the new Locus Logmanager. So far so good.

But the logs are not marked as already logged at This is wrong because they are part of the pocketquery I get from and therefore had to be already logged / storred at


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Hi Michal,

I found the solution by myself.

When importing geocaches containing any log by myself I first have to delete all fieldnotes via "Menü --> Einstellungen --> Geocaching --> Feldnotizen lösschen" in order to get an empty Logmanager. Then when I import the geocaches with my logs the correct state "already online logged" is set to these logs and Logmanager recognizes the correct log state.

I guess the problem is caused because I only do a short offline log for these caches in Locus, containing only the found time. In next step I export these logs to fieldNotes.txt and import them via fieldNotes.txt in GSAK to do the "real online logging" there. When reimporting these caches with the new corrected logtext via the MyFinds-Pocketquery downloaded from, Locus updates the logtext but keeps the state "not online logged". Just a guess .... but my workaround works for me.



Hello c.s.g.

after discussion with Michal, we have removed his post because answer was not precise.

Seems anyway you found how this feature behaves correctly. The log is really marked as "logged" only when does not exists in logs manager. If it's only updated, it is left as was before.

Anyway, I've decided to change it, so imported logs (no matter if new or updated) will be always marked as already send.


Hello Menion,

thank you for your reply. I had not the heart to ask for such an enhancement.

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