Problem with logging using fieldnotes.txt on

Robin99 shared this problem 6 years ago


This is not serious problem, but I think is quite easy to solve.

When I try to log my found geocaches on our local polish server using fieldnotes.txt generated by Locus the first cache is not visible. Our web developer done a little investigation and turned out the problem is in existence of BOM in header of file. Without BOM everything works. BOM is also not necessary on servers.

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Good day Robin,

sorry for no repsonse here. Anyway BOM header is in file right because I had problems with uploading field notes on server. And also garmin device I had to test, created same file with this header.

So unfortunately I currently cannot create file without it (if it works still same on

Solution should be better system for handling field notes in Locus where should be ability to export two different files


Good day Robin99,

I'm not sure, but is this problem still present in exported files? Situation has changed since then and because since 3 years back, many has probably changed on Locus and OpenCaching side as well.

If issue is present, we may do with this anything.