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tata remka shared this question 9 years ago

Hi! I`m new here but i ride my bicycle a lot, and now i have great app to record my offroads :)

But... can anyone tell me what settings to use in live tracking? how to set those for on foot trips, how to set when riding a bicycle, and how, when i am on a bus or car? I realize that it depends on rate but how to calculate it? Maybe someone has set his profiles and can share already checked settings?

thx in advance!

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hmm from my point of view, current Live tracking feature allow to set only one parameter, and it`s frequency of sending of the location

so this value depend on average speed and some maximum distances you want to have stored. If you expect ride a bike and want to have distance every 100m, then simply

average 20km/h (around 5.5m/s) => set max. 18 secs

if you want to have some precise values, best is to do some computations on server side

anyway because I`m not yet using this feature, take it as a loud thinking from me :)


I now realized that i was thinking about recording tracks and not about live tracking.... What a mess... in my head, of course...

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