Projection from "Map center" does not work

stebu shared this problem 7 years ago

(pro 2.8.0) Some projection problems:

1) I place a known point at the center of the map. Then I long click on some other place and the edit the new point`s coordinates. When I choose a projection from the center of the map, I get a projection from the point I clicked.

2) So I tried to use "points" for the origo of the projection. No luck :( I can use points to pick coordinates, but when I choose projection, then points (I want to choose starting point of the projection) the "Points" tab is empty :(


3) If I try to choose starting point from the map, it does not work, either.

Points and select from map work if I just try to enter coordinates for a point. But if I`m doing a projection both fail.

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damn, issue from some older version. Thank you stebu, It`s fixed now. As you may notice, problem is that this projection dialog completely ignore any attempt to set different coordinates. Will be working in next 2.8.2 version or in any previous test versions