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Public intent to apply a preset

zossebart shared this idea 6 years ago

What do you think about adding an intent to apply a specific preset (by name)?

This could work similar to the start track recording intent, where the recording profile name can be selected by an additional parameter.

I would like to use this to enhance my current bike riding workflow:

I use a NFC-Tag attached to my bike phone mount to trigger a Tasker-task when I attach my phone to it. This Tasker-task applys some Android settings (switch to vibration mode, disable wifi, ...) and then starts Locus track recording with my bike recording profile and Locus itself (I use Tasker and not the Locus NFC features for this because I also want to apply Android settings).

It would be very nice to also be able to apply a Locus preset through Tasker (via public intent).

This way I could add an additional NFC-tag somewhere else on the bike to trigger a "break" Tasker-task, which could pause track recording and also apply a special "break" preset (which disables display-activation and auto-zoom for example).

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idea is already implemented for some time with quick new API system, more here. (check samples at bottom)

In case of selecting preset, something like this should work

tasks: { preset: { action: "start", name: "name of preset" } }
Let me know if there will be any problem or something not clear.

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