Public Transport POIs

Stephan shared this question 15 days ago

I have tested the LoMap for Germany South of the Locus store. Mainly I am interested in the Public Transport POIs. If I am opening such an POI in Osmand, than I am getting this information:

  • all train, tram, local train, subway or bus routes
  • and all their first and last station.

For better understanding I attach screenshots from Osmand.

In Locus I do not find this information. I also attach a screenhot.

What I am doing wrong?

This kind is in Germany very important, because on the OSM based maps there are shown railwaystations, which

  • are offering no public transport
  • are offering only busses
  • are offering trains

So I can decide, which railwaystation I should choose. The additional information of the first and last stop of a public transport route helpes also choosing a good public transport stop.

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Dear Stephan,

thank you for question. Unfortunately it's not possible to obtain such info in Locus at this moment. However we're planning to improve POI database this year. We'll take your question (idea) in to consideration during implementation of the new POI database.