Purchased map disappeared after switching to new phone

Kelsey shared this problem 4 years ago
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Hello, I just switched a new phone and I am no longer seeing the maps that I purchased in Locus. I tried following the directions from another helpdesk ticket

"Please open Menu - Store and download again all maps you downloaded on the old phone. You can check your history of purchased map via Menu - Store - right account panel - My History - Purchases"

This advice did not work for me, I am seeing the map I bought in my purchase history but instead of letting me download it again it wants me to buy it. Please help!

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I'm sorry for troubles but some maps (depends on the map provider) are not possible to repeatedly download. I can see from your history that you downloaded/purchased LoMaps and Neotrek maps. You can download The LoMaps maps for free (search for maps in the Locus store and download them). Unfortunately the NoeTreks maps can't be downloaded again - please see the highlighted warning in the description of NeoTreks map in the Locus store.

However is the old device still available, please? It's possible to copy the maps from old device to the new one

Thanks, Petr

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