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Creating a Locus Dashboard Chart screen?

TJ Rac shared this question 9 years ago


Have looked at all the options in the Locus Pro Dashboard Editor and cannot find this option.

Hopefully I am missing something?

Is it possible to create a Dashboard screen that includes a chart of a track that is actively being recorded?

If so which option is chosen in the dashboard editor?

I know I can switch to the "Rec" screen and view the cart being recorded and other configured information.

Was thinking to have a Dashboard Screen that would overlay the map and show the track being recorded plus the desired chart and other information.



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Hello "gynta":

Thank you for the reply. Obviously I never paid attention to the " Various" option in the upper right hand corner of the editor. Appreciate the efforts of the individual who made the avi file. Surprised that someone has not posted a Chart Dashboard on the Locus Forum.

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Just found a default dashboard that has a chart included......

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