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Simon Grünewald shared this idea 5 years ago

I use the App for hiking and car navigation. And I would like to use the auto zoom function only during navigation. To make it more universal I would propose a button "enable disable auto zoom" on the main display just like "show my GPS position".

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Especialy for car navigation the 'auto zoom' is helpful. But there are some moments or sitiuation that zoom should not change. To change Auto zoom on/off you must press ten times the display...

This is to much, so most user leave it off.


Easy way will be to choose it under Zoom Lock pop up. Best way will be an own button.


Hello Simon, Moto Dirk,

I believe that the old initial idea is already implemented over the system of Presets, so suggest giving it a try. It is possible to attach auto-zoom to preset and preset may be attached to the start of the navigation.

About quick on/off ... auto-zoom may be also added to the Quick settings system, so please use it for your use-case.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Quick Settings works well.


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