Quick change of the set of "Quick Add Points"

Igor Magellan shared this question 4 years ago

For a quick change of the panel sets of "Quick Add Points" will be enough lookup file quick_add_point.lb in the directory ...Locus/data/config? Or something need to replace? (If Locus not loaded, of course)

It is necessary for quick change of objectives on the tracks - recording a track for editing OSM, or simply travel, or perform tasks in the service. They need a different set of buttons


(track record of the binding elements on the GPS for OSM - as example)

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Good day Igor,

it is correct. Found file should contain configuration for a quick points, so it's switch should solve your need.

There is also a idea for this: http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/groups_for_quick_add_points , so feel free to vote.

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