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Quick measuring in map, without two fingers

fefrivold shared this idea 5 years ago

Hi again and thanks for a super app.

I have a proposal for a new feature.

I'm not quite happy with two-finger measurements. First, it distorts the zoom and rotation of maps, and secondly, it is difficult to read the measurement as it ends under my thick fingers. Besides, measurement is just in a straight line rarely what I'm looking for.

Another way to measure is to click the "add new route & measure" button. Then you have to move the map round to the desired position is below the cross and press the + button, then move the map again and press the + button. I think this is a little cumbersome.

I therefore propose a slightly different variant.

I want a menu item for simple measurement, which works the way I tap the screen two or more times, and then a line between these points is drawn and the total distance is measured. In this way you can get a pretty accurate measurement, quite quickly.

If after the measurement it becomes possible to convert this to a route for further editing, that would be a bonus.

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Good day Fred,

I believe you may do same with current "Add new route" feature. If simply tap on map does not add a new point to plan, enable at bottom "Quick add" option. This should work as you expect. let me know.



I didn't know about that opportunity.

That was exactly what I wanted (or even better).

You can consider the idea of solved


And thank you for quick answer!


Perfect, you are welcome!

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