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Quick Settings: add "Line to GPS"

Mateusz Pilszek shared this idea 6 years ago

It would be useful to toggle "Line to GPS" using Quick Settings.

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Would be very useful indeed.



I just finished this idea and now I see, we have here part of this closed idea as a separate topic.

As you may read in my answer, I've declined to add "Line to GPS" into quick settings. Anyway, 8 votes is 8 votes :).

So tell me, how often, in reality, you change this setting and why? If you use this feature, why do not let it enable all the time?

Try to convince me that it is really needed. Otherwise, I think, this is quite minor settings that is not needed to change often, so it does not belong into quick settings.



The situation is the same as with the "circles of the distance" or the "displacement of the map cursor down". They are used in a real out-door like a trip, navigation or hike etc. Used occasionally.When used Locus indoors for tasks, just look at the map or plan something, they are not needed and clutter up the screen, they have to be turned off.

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