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Andreas shared this idea 4 years ago
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There is an option to take a photo in Functions panel (Shooting a new point). Is it possible to add the same function with voice memo? If possible insert the voice file as a trackpoint of the recorded track.

I know the Add point (Audio) option in the Track Recording panel, but this method needs three taps. (or two when using default action)

And the non plus ultra:

Add new voice memo trackpoint

Add new voice photo trackpoint

functions in Dashboard elements :)

I often make voice memos while walking/driving to improve OSM. ("maxspeed 30", "convenience store on the left", "opening hours is.." etc.)

If Locus has a simple method to record voice, the memo can be recorded safely while driving. The best option is having a big record button, that's why I prefer having an Add point (Voice) dashboard element.

The recorded 3GP file has a very low bitrate. Is it possible to configure the recording parameters?

Thank you,


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Good day Andreas,

thank you for an useful question.

I'm checking quality of recorded audio files and indeed you are correct. Recorded files has really low quality. I was searching for some more info and as result, files will be in mp4 container with 96k bitrate, so a lot better then now, thanks.

About "quick voice note" ... this is currently not possible. Closest to your use-case is function called "Quick new point". Anyway there is not an option to attach "voice memo". This should be nice addition btw...

Hope this at least partially helped you. Let me know, if there is something more I may help with.


Thank you Menion!

Is it possible to move my post to the ideas topic? I've posted it with wrong category.


You are welcome. And yes, I've changed it to "idea".



When I set the style of the track recording to 'Bottom panel' (Settings/Track recording) there is an Add point button on the bottom panel. Long press, Add point (audio), and voilá there is the 'one tap voice memo'! :)


Ah I knew it was somewhere ... same works ( even better ) when you long-click on "Add waypoint" button in side panel for track recording ;).

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