Quickly add POI from right panel directly to defined category

berkley shared this idea 8 years ago


as the topic already describes, I`d like to see a button in right panel, that creates a POI for actual position to an user defined category with just clicking on the button. So there wouldn`t be the need to do things like "choosing the category", "giving the POI a name" and click on save. All these steps are really difficult while driving.

So the procedure could look as follows:

- When adding the button to right panel, there should be a dialog to choose the category, where the points should be saved.

- Next dialog is about the name for the new points. I could imagine something like date and time or growing numbers.

- Done. The button is on right panel.

- Now, when you click on it, there`s just a little toast message saying "POI saved"

What you think about it. I even could imagine this as PRO feature...

Cheeers, berkley

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I like that idea. Now that you are writing it down, I found that I was missing exactly this functionality several times while on the road... ;-)

Either save a timestamp in the name of the POI, or just use a template like "Waypoint %d" with increasing numbers as name and save a timestamp in the waypoint description.


similar to this topic?:


- my favorit btw ;o)


Well it`s kinda similar... The 3 month old idea needs 3 clicks to get the job done...

But any way that reduce typing a name is welcome


berkley>...needs 3 clicks...

2 ;o) #Select the option #choose an icon.

And as mambo says: timestamp should be ok.


I think that this idea is very similar to one Gynta mention, so I`m closing it because no ability to define directly one point and place it to right panel will be done ...