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Paul Keizer shared this idea 10 years ago
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Is it possible to create an overlay map with precipitation (rain, snow)? Best would be with animation, from -2 hours to +2 hours, and adjustable transparancy.

Example: Android app `Rainy Days`.

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I don`t know about any available service that provide simple weather data for this purpose, but you may check these two topics I found on Locus forum, that discuss about his feature



maybe this should help you


Hi Menion,

You don`t know how impressed I am for your immediate answers.

I checked Rainy Days for the services they use. On Google Play they say they use:

buienradar (Netherlands, including 2 hours forecast on radar)

meteox (Europe)

vaderradar (Scandinavian version of meteox)

eumetsat (from space instead of rain radar).

Thanks for the links you sent. The information on these sources is more for sailors I think, who are so much more interested in the weather than outdoor freaks, who only need tot know when to take a coat or find a café.

An animation of clouds is so much easier to interpret than the static lines the Openseamap precipitation overlay map, you offer online.

I hope you are able to implement the functionality of Rainy Days in Locus.


I am also very interested in such a feature. Should this not be possible with WMS overlay? I spend a lot of time but I never reached a working setup to get this done via WMS.

Maybe someone other was lucky to get this working....? Or are there maybe other plans from side of locus dev team?

Thanks Wolfgang


Thanks seems "only" to be for the neatherlands.

I searched once again and today I found a url for Germany:


I choosed the WMS 1.3.0 it seems to work I did choose the radar section but nothing was shown. My normal weather app showed some rain.

And I do not have any idea what I have to choose on the "CRS" dropdown box of the WMS settings.

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