Re-connect bluetooth sensor

Jean-Marc shared this question 2 years ago


I'm using a bluetooth sensor (speed & cadence). I can connect it from the sensor menu but would like it to connect automatically when starting to use Locus. Re-connection is automatic only if using the record of the track with the sensor in the parameter, but I usually don't need to record a session.

Thanks for you help

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HI Jean-Marc,

we are not sure with usefulness of your idea. Connecting to sensors is a property of sport tracking which, in its term itself, contains recording of your activity for collecting values of many parameters - which, afterwards, can be visualized on a graph or in statistics.

Try this workaround: set track-recording autostart at Locus start (settings > Track recording > Automatic start), add auto-save of your recording profile (settings > track recording > particular profile settings > Auto-save after stop) to some "trash" folder that you can empty once a year, if you don't want to be bothered by charts and stats.


Hi Michal

Connection with a sensor is also usefull to display additional information on the dashboard.

BTW I tested the workaround and it works fine. Thanks for the idea