recalculate track when the profile is changed + improve offline editing

Andrew Heard shared this idea 9 years ago
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I currently find the calculation of offline routes confusing compared to a (small) number of competing GPS apps on the market.

Here is one workflow (use-case) example to consider:

I am creating a simple route with a start and end point but I find I have selected the wrong profile (fast/ slow car, fast/ slow bike/ foot). I tap the right-turn icon in the route editing menu and select a different profile, but the route is not recalculated. It appears that the profile has to be correctly set once, then all points added, and only that original profile is used.

Also once I save the new route as a track I can find no way of selecting a different profile and forcing a recalculation of the route. It is probably due at least in part with having the offline routing done by a 3rd party app/ routing engine which is out of the control of Locus.

This leads to another observation - once the route is calculated and saved as a track, all the points along the track are treated as if I had manually defined those points, whereas I may have only added a start and finish. So now to edit the track, maybe to go through a different location because I am unhappy with the automatically calculated route, it is close to impossible because there are so many points to delete. These "auto-points" (Garmin calls them via-points) should be treated differently to the ones I specifically add myself.

At present assuming one has access to the internet, it is far simpler to use an online route planning web page, and drag or insert additional points to force the track to where one would like, and then finally save as GPX and import into Locus. I would love to be able to do this process offline directly within Locus - dragging points within a track - but at present it is incredibly tedious.

Sorry this big topic has become a bit of a rant.

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