Rechte Leiste wird automatisch ausgebelndet, obwohl nicht eingestellt

Hans Pluhar shared this problem 8 months ago
In Progress

Voreinstellungen – Profil bearbeiten - bearbeiten – rechte Leiste ausblenden = aus.

Trotzdem wird die rechte Leiste weiterhin automatisch ausgeblendet.

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First of all you need to provide the used locus version number. Or just upate to the latest one and try again.

Then please export your settings, reset Locus settings, reboot and import your exported settings to get your setup back.

Only if the problem is still there after a fresh import of your maybe broken settings file, locus team would have a chance to find the problem.

It would be even better if you could clear locus app data instead of making a soft settings reset, but be carefull to not remove your settings backup.

If you would have a quick fix which will work allways: go the hard way and don't use any settings backup and start setup locus from scratch


hello falco,

latest version

did all you talked about

problem on different mobile devices same way


That is great, because it could at least be analysed. Please attach the effected settings file for the locus team.

Long time ago I did just get wired errors which disappered after reset.


Hi Hans,

have you tried to restore Locus preferences to the state after installation and then set the right panel again? I mean without importing your old settings.