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Recomended WMS is not loading :(

ulmus shared this problem 7 years ago

It was my first time after upgrading to v.3 of locus and i can see help locus site instead of recomended WMS site. I was always able to choose WMS map after tapping at star icon, now it opens help page?

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Good day Ulmus,

we have updated site with new version of this system and seems it changed an URL's a little bit.

Previous url to this WMS list was

and now it is

We fix this to next Locus release or even better, on manual site. Till then, please do this small change manually in your browser, it should work then. Thank you!


Issue already fixed.


Hello Locus Team,

after trying WMS-Links both manually and recommendet it always fails. "Vorgang nicht erfolgreich"

Are there any preferences affecting the WMS-funktionality? Or Android-Version (4.4.2)? Maybe the temporary memory issue?

My example:

This works in QGIS with WMS specification version 1.3.0

Thanks for your help!


Good day,

I'm just testing copy&pasted link from your post in latest Locus Map version and it seems to work correctly. So internet connection is ok on your side? Also, are you using latest Locus Map version? To make map display correctly, I had to select in layers list EPSG: 102067, anyway you are probably stuck before you see list of layers.



thx for your reply. i just found out it has to do with my device (GT-I9195 Android 4.4.2). On another device (GT-I9505 Android 5.0.1) the WMS is loading :-/


Giid day Falle,

it is also possible that this WMS service use TSL 1.2 protocol, which may cause troubles on 4.x Android devices. It is also one of the main reasons why we stop support Android 4 soon. Hope using this WMS on your second device is not a big problem. Thanks for understanding.

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