Recording doesn't start Ant+ HRM

Paweł Bartuzi shared this problem 3 years ago

I have defined "Hardware devices" option to start Ant+ Heart rate monitor in a track recording profile. The HRM device is detected/saved in system Ant+ Plugin Manager and enabled/detected in Locus Ant manager.

However, I noticed (Locus 3.8.2, BETA) that starting recording doesn't start the device - BPMs remain at 0 unless I go to the recording panel settings and run Locus Ant manager - then the sensor is instantly found and BPMs start being recorded with some realistic values.

Is this behaviour by design or is it a problem?

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Good day Paweł,

thank you for your report. Issue really found only for a HRM ANT+ monitor (other sensors should work correctly).

Issue will be fixed in next version.