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Ruslan shared this idea 2 years ago
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I found that there is a big difference in energy consumption when the track is recording or not. The style of using the Navigator - periodic in the Hiking trails.

Using the utility BetterBatteryStats - I saw this:

Record is on:

"Deep sleep" state -15% of the time

"Awake" state - about 75% of the time

MAX CPU freq. state - 78% of time

MIN CPU freq. state - 12% of time

Record is off:

"Deep sleep" state -86% of the time

"Awake" state - about 14% of the time

MAX CPU freq. state - 6% of time

MIN CPU freq. state - 94% of time

Obviously, despite the condition "Distance OR Time" the program has to constantly recheck the current coordinates, and this process prevents the smartphone go into the state of "deep sleep" with low energy consumption.

To prevent this phenomenon, I propose to add the third condition the trackpoint record is: Only Time.

This will allow the smartphone (for example every 2 minutes), the vast amount of time to be in the mode of low power consumption, which is very important in multi-day trips.


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Good day Ruslan,

very nice testing, thank you. Anyway I suggest to do some more tests. Because I believe that problem is not directly in "Track recording" itself, but this consumption is on 99% caused by enabled GPS module in your device, which in case of track recording (as well as navigation, etc.) is permanently enabled. Surprise for me is your "MAX CPU state", which is very high.

Anyway suggest to do similar measure with navigation feature of Locus or with track recording with different app and you should get really similar results.

To let device go into deep sleep for a while, you need to allow to temporary disable GPS. To let do this, in Locus exists function called "GPS Auto-off" which may be enabled under Settings > GPS & Location. More about it is here:

Let me know if this is what you are looking for and if results are better.



I tested by switching to ON "GPS Auto-off" option. GPS update interval set to 60 sec. Keep auto-off switch set to OFF

And the situation has changed dramatically!

Smartphone as "Deep-Sleep" now to be about 70% of the time, and only 19% were able to "MAX Performance".

On the recorded track shows that the recording was made only by the condition of time (parameter "Distance interval" from Recording Profiles Settings is ignored in this context).

This temporarily solves the problem track recording, but does not explain why this is so. Similar complaints I heard from another user of the program. A month ago, I used the program Androzic - it had no problems with power consumption.

My smartphone is Snowpow M9, Android 4.2.2


Good day Ruslan,

over years I work with Android, I've learned, not to trust battery monitors. So if I have any suspicion about battery consumption, I test it on device over certain time (whole day in best) and compare results with same situation without certain feature (of course on special device just of this use-case). And as I know, there is no reported high consumption of Locus with latest versions.

Do you have own negative experience? From your first usage, where most of time was CPU on max., battery in your device should be suck after few hours in best case.


I can confirm that on a samsung Galaxy Note 4 or a Samsung Galaxy S7, the battery drain for an 8 hours track (bike or hike) with several ant+ external sensors does not exceed 20%. Of course if one use very often the display to watch the map, then it can be another story. Android 5 or 6 and Locus are very efficient regarding the battery energy cost. This is my experience over the last two years.