Refreshing a cache with corrected coords does not update changed corrected coords

Hampf shared this problem 2 years ago
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I have downloaded an "Unknown" geocache with corrected coordinates with GC4L. After a while the owner moved the cache and provided a new formula. After recalculation I updated the corrected coordinates on and refreshed the cache with GC4L.

Problem: the corrected coordinates in Locus Map are not updated when refreshing the cache. I had to remove the corrected coordinates in Locus Map and refresh the geocache again.

How to troubleshoot:

1) Enter corrected coordinates on

2) Download the cache to Locus Map

3) change the corrected coords on

4) Refresh the cache with GC4L

5) corrected coords are not updated in Locus Map

Keep up your excellent work, Locus Map + GC4L + Fieldnotes + MCS + Coordinate Joker make geocaching a lot more easy and save the woods!


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Hello Hampf,

sorry for the delay in response. Let's move with this issue a little bit.

From what I know (and @Arcao please correct me), there is no information, when coordinates of the cache and also your own corrected coordinates (on were changed! So application itself, do not know if corrected coordinates in the application are older or newer than coordinates downloaded from the web.

And this is the problem. In your case, the app does not update coordinates in the downloaded cache. But in the opposite case without known time, the downloaded cache may overwrite your own local modified coordinates.

Ideas from anyone how to solve this are welcome. I'm anyway worried that we already discussed this few times during last years and never found a working solution.


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