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SV Hovland shared this idea 6 years ago
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I have used Locus Map Pro for geocaching since this summer and after switching from Maaloo on the Windows Phone platforms, I am surprised of how many steps it take to reload a gpx-file for offline use.

I create a new gpx-file in GSAK on a daily basis (it is automated) and load this into Locus Map Pro from a URL two or three times a week. But it takes me 12 presses on the screen to get this gpx-file into the phone and make the geocaches visible on the map. It would be nice if this could be automated. Locus Map should know where the source where loaded from so a single press on a button could reload all imported files from the known last location and apply the current filter when it is loaded. And there could be a dialog for setting default actions (overwrite or empty the folder first and so on). But the whole point is to refresh geocaches with a single press on a button.

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And I forgot to mention that I usually have two or three gpx-files which needs to be updated. It then takes me nearly 40 screen actions to get everything updated. It would be great if a single action could refresh all files loaded.

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