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Refreshing/Reloading of a Geocache increase the number of waypoints in 2.20.0

k@y shared this problem 9 years ago

Refreshing/Reloading of a Geocache (solved Mystery) increase the number of waypoints for this cache, see attachment

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hello k@y,

thank you for your report and sorry for a troubles. Unfortunately I'll need a little more help, because I'm unable to simulate this problem.

  • with Geocaching4Locus I download new caches
  • tap on any cache with waypoint and in new point screen, I choose "Update cache".
  • after update, in this case nothing changes. On older caches, I see updated logs

But no problems with waypoints.

So may you write me source of your caches, or is there a way I can follow to get same duplicates? Thank you


I see this behavior with all "Mystery"-Caches with updatet Coordinates on


So go on,

take a mystery Cache,

change its coordinates,

load this cache to Locus with geocaching4locus,

you will get the updatet coordinates and 2 new waypoints,

refresh the geocache,

you will see this behavior... :-/

By the way: will locus support both, the changed and the original coordiantes, as waypoint in future???


Perfect, your suggestion helped. Thank you very much for report and help with fixing.

It will work as expected in next version 2.20.1 (probably in Friday)

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