Refreshing out of date online maps

locusfan shared this idea 8 years ago

I`m using Locus for a while right now and I collected quite a lot of tiles during this time. Since some of the tiles are quite old, I realize, that many of them are out of date. This is easy to say, because old and new tiles have a different design and some details are missing.

Now I`d like to refresh selected tiles. Of cause I could delete the whole cache, but this would mean reloading *all* of them. This is of course no good idea - thinking of the map providers...

So I suggest implementing one or more of the following features:

1. A checkbox somewhere on the download tab of the map manager: "Overwrite existing tiles".

2. The download manager could obey the "Maximum age..." setting, which is available in the "Online" Section of the Maps Manager.

3. A possibility to refresh the current view with the online version - something like a function "Update current view with online tiles".

4. Replacing the current (binary) setting "Offline Mode" in "Settings / Map / Extended settings" by a dropdown box with three values:

- "Offline mode"

- "Online - use saved offline tiles if available. Use online tiles otherwise" (This would load tiles only if they are missing - like today)

- "Online - use online tiles if internet is availabe. Use offline tiles otherwise" (This would always load tiles, but allow using maps when internet is not availabe. Suitable for flatrate users...)

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Hi Locusfan,

if you still use Locus, than you probably noticed that this idea is partially implemented. Currently you may select max age of cached tiles. Here it works in same way as in your fourth point. So Locus will try to download new tile if already cached is too old. meanwhile display old tile and replace it only when new is downloaded.

Also when you download map to offline mode, you may choose, how old tiles you want to keep and which overwrite.

So not all parameters are implemented, but major part is. I`m marking this as "Implemented", because there will not be much progress in this area now