Relative altitude information

Matthias Kaufmann shared this question 18 months ago

I would like to have an easy way to access the information about the relative altitude between my current GPS position and the cursor, similar as it is available for the distance and direction as well as the absolute (not relative) altitude at the cursor position.

This would be extremely helpful for e.g. hiking as you just hover the cursor to some locations, tracks, peaks etc and know distance but also altitutude you still have to do.

Maybe I have overseen how to enable this information. If not available maybe this could be added.

Thanks and best


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Hi Matthias,

1) relative altitude info:

- activate expert settings (

- values below 'Cursor to GPS' > select elevation

- Locus settings > Maps > Auxiliary graphics > Cursor to position line > activate

2) absolute elevation info:

- Locus settings > Maps > Auxiliary graphics > Dynamic elevation

best regards

Michal, Locus team


Thank you very much for this topic. For more than 1 month, I was enable to find how to configure settings to acces to elevation informations.