Remember previous settings when downloading maps

Will Dashwood shared this idea 5 years ago
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When downloading maps for offline use, I always use the same settings.

  1. Area = This screen
  2. Zooms = All
  3. Download Type = Cached map (SQL)

It would be great if there were either a short cut which just did the above so that I'm not promoted to choose the same settings each time. Of course I'm sure other users would like the ability to vary the options according to personal preference and then save those as a short cut. The above are just the ones I always use.

Alternatively if Locus could remember the previously used options and select those by default that would be a fair compromise.

Many thanks for creating such a great app! Love it.


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Yes, it would be nice if locus just saves the last settings of download online maps.

Greets, Ronny