Anonymize recorded track before export (remove start, end)

zossebart shared this idea 5 months ago
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I'd like to have the option of removing the start and/or end of a track before exporting it (e.g. to OSM or Strava). This way I would be able to hide the location of my home or workplace. Ideally, the amount (in meters) should be configurable.

I know I could do this manually by using the track edit feature and export afterwards, but this is cumbersome.

The removal should only apply to the exported track, not to the orginal track in the database, of course.

Is something like this doable?

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it is of course doable. As with many other very interesting ideas: I like it and thought about a similar kind of anonymization already.

Problem is anyway obvious here. On many places, you may read gold-rule like "do not implement features that will be useful for less than of 30% users". Here we are even a lot lower value than 30%.

Anyway, I'll rename your title a little and we will see if I'm wrong and more people will be interested ...


Ok, thanks. I get your point.

Seems there is not much interest in this feature :-(

We will see...