Rename selection of waypoints

Roelof shared this idea 10 years ago
Gathering feedback

It is already possible to delete or move a certain selection of waypoints in a database folder. I would like to have the possibility to rename a selection of waypoints and give them an identical name.

Hope this is possible.

Good luck!

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Hello Roelof,

I can't imagine, why this should be useful ... may you write any reason(s)?


this can be very handy in data collection, if you collect many points and give them a temporary label, then later it's possible to rename them with one click instead of many… Also with walking tracks it would be possible to name all waypoints of a certain walk identical and filter them later out of a larger database with waypoints. It's basically a 'search and replace' functionality I'm proposing.

gr, Roelof


Both use-cases you wrote are based on "collection points in Locus and later rename". But why to do this, when you may name waypoints as you want during create?

Anyway I'm still not convinced that it's useful feature that deserve it's button in menu, anyway let's keep it alive, so votes may change my opinion.

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