Rendering of tag:tourism=caravan_site on offline maps

Jean-Marc Chaton shared this idea 8 years ago
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I'm extensively using LM in my road trips and have bought most european offline maps.

Parkings with the tag:tourism=caravan_site are rendered with a tent icon like campsites and I think it'd be clearer if they were rendered with a camper van icon. For example standard osm rendering for this is a caravan icon but in Europe caravans tend to use campsites this kind of parking lot is used by campervans.

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what about the places they are mixed?

They have both camper and tent sights?

If it has campers only it makes sense. Here in the States most are mixed.


Thx for the comment. My opinion is : If they have both camper and tent sights they are camp sites and the correct tag is tourism=camp_site, which is correctly rendered in offline maps see


@Jean-Marc: Is this still relevant? In last vacation, the online LoMaps (I don't have the offline ones) of LM4.16 did show a caravan where only caravans & motorhomes but no tents are allowed, same for OpenAndroMaps with theme Elevate. But I did neitehr check the underlaying OSM tags nor in Locus 3.

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