See newly created point on map immediately

Bob Denny shared this problem 5 years ago

With a recent release, the solution you provided in See newly created point on map immediately stopped working. Now, as before, when you touch Save in the new point screen, the display returns immediately to the map showing your "current" position. Your chance of easily seeing the newly created point is no longer there. It used to go to the Point screen immediately after saving, giving you the opportunity to touch the thumbnail or the Map icon to see it on the map display.

The reason it is important: Suppose I get a call "Hikers lost at coordinates N34 05 W 111 21". The first thing I want to know is where is that? Is it in the mountains, way out in the desert, in a county park or ??? With the current version, after creating the point (with the new point icon), you must now open the Points list, select the folder where you put the new point, then scroll down to see the new point, select it, and finally you get to the Point screen.

I would like to request that the operation as you provided in See newly created point on map immediately be restored.

Thanks for a fantastic app. We have more than 30 people in our Sheriff's Office using Locus, and more are buying it every day. This could go viral among Search and Rescue and rural/wilderness law enforcement. I will be giving a presentation on Jan 7 to the Search and Rescue Coordinators from all over the State of Arizona. I have also proposed a talk at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association conference in 2015. Several people are loving Locus on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Bravo!!


QAP Robert B. Denny

Tactical Flight Officer

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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Hi Bob,

i get different behavior when i create a new point with button in right side panel or with same button in data screen !

I think this is a little bug, try to create new point in data screen and i think you get what you want.


Hi bob and balloni,

firstly, thank for nice bottom part of your post, nice, thanks!

About a problem - I've read whole old topic and from it isn't clear what I did in the end. I'm checking old code and I do not see and difference that should change behavior during last months.

balloni wrote - "buggy". But I don't think so.

Currently it works:

- open data manager, open any folder, tap on create a new point, tap on "save" at top and you remain in this point screen

- create new point on a map (long click or button in side panel) and after create, you return back to map

I think, this is logical, isn't it?

I'm thinking what you need. Do you think, that this is what all people wants? To stay on Point screen when new point is added? As I wrote in mentioned topic - every person has different requirements.

What I may do as I think, is simple logic:

- create a new point on a map. Usually this new point will have coordinates of map center. Anyway if new created point is still visible on a map, nothing has change. If not, Locus center screen on this point. What you think?


as I understand:

currently: map screen -> add point -> save -> go back to map

desired: map screen -> add point -> save -> go back to map & center new point


Gynta, right! And it seems that Menion has indeed fixed this in 3.5.3. THANK YOU! A simple and elegant solution. We often get coordinates and need to know where the location is, rather than the other way around.


It works? Fine, good to hear it :).

It's also possible to move map to certain place with menu > search > Move to (just another possibility)