Restarts halfway shared this problem 3 years ago

When I stop Locus Pro the normal way, it asks to stop and I acknowledge. Then the window closes and I quickly click on the app again: it then starts immediately (it does not read the DB and such), but incomplete: the right panel does not appear at all. This is 100% reproducible.

If I stop the app the normal way and give it enough time to really stop, then this effect does not appear.

EDIT: this is on a Nexus 5X with latest, Android March'17. All apps are also latest.

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cannot say this is really a problem from my point of view. When you are shut down your computer operation system and you change your mind during this process, what you expect? In case of Locus Map, it takes up to 5 seconds till all is closed and correctly saved. So simply, don't do this non-sense operation.

I'll maybe in future improve it with some self-check that should prevent these troubles.

Thanks for understanding.


Sure, just wanted to inform you. Maybe it explains comments from others.