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Kolja Söngsen shared this question 3 years ago


thank you at first for your brilliant app. I realy like it. Unfoirtuantely my phone crashed an I lost all my data. Now I wanted to restore Locus Pro with titanium backup but that did´nt work. At least I would like to restore my maps wich I bought in the shop. I can see in history which maps I bought but how can I get them back without paying again?

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Hello Kolja,

it depends which maps you purchased, Different maps have different terms of use when it comes to re-downloading. Basically:

- LoMaps (locus vector maps), Map1eu can be downloaded for free one year from purchase. After one year you need to purchase new version

- Outdooractive maps, SwissTopo, SHOCart have different approach. You can download map only once when you purchase it.

Any repeated download of the same package is subject of another purchase

I'm sorry I guess that it's not clever but this is how system work and these condition are noticed in terms of use in Locus Store.

Thank you