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Restore zoom level and position after Remove All Before-After

Andrew Heard shared this idea 5 years ago

When editing a track on the map, especially a long track, when I remove all of the track from the current point to the end or start of the track, locus zooms out to confirm the deletion, but should restore the zoom and position after OKing the deletion.

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Good day Andrew,

I definitely agree that this improvement should work in case of pressing "cancel" during this edit (implemented!) , but if it should work also after "confirm" click, not sure.

Currently when part of track is removed, map is automatically moved to next available point on the remaining track. I have to watch this more carefully during real field usage to decide what is really mostly expected here. On first sight, I think that I usually check if place of "break" was correct and that I do not need any more edits OR I directly return back by "back" button.


Hi Andrew, this is quite an old topic I found and because I do not "feel", that restoring the map position/zoom after the track editor operation currently needs any update, I'm closing this topic.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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