Return to active point in Edit on Map

Auric Goldfinger shared this idea 4 years ago
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(Here's a real change request ;) )

Given this workflow:

  • Record a track (e.g. every second, every meter)
  • When the track recording is finished, select the track. A tooltip containing information pops up
  • Click the ' > ' on the right of the tooltip, then choose Edit on map
  • Click on a point somewhere in the beginning of the track (say: point 20)
  • Remove all points after the selected point
  • Locus now displays an overview of all the track points that will be removed
  • Confirm

Current behaviour

After the confirmation, the map center and zoom stays the same as it was in the overview.

Expected behaviour

Return to the point you selected right before you chose "remove all after" (nr 20, you know).

Same behaviour for "remove all before" ;-)


Especially when you have a large track from which you want to cut out a small part, then it is quite some work to return to the part you kept because the map is zoomed out so much that the remaining track is only a dot. In combination of several other dots (geocaches and other poi's) it is sometimes difficult to find out where your track is :-)

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As an option, rather than forcing one or the other, add a pop-up to allow user to choose view where they wish to resume to.