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Reverse of custom LiveTracking

Jakub Jelínek shared this idea 7 years ago


I'm a long-time happy user. Sometimes I'm using custom live tracking (when we organize horse rides and I am providing a service car) to follow the horse lot on a map (to find them to make pictures or prepare refreshment stop :-) ). I have my own server that gets lot's position by POST requests and shows that on a google maps.

But GMaps are quite data hungry for cell connection on viewer. It would be very nice to be able to get the position back with a POST request repeatedly and E.G. update a POI with position returned in JSON and shoe that on the map?

I know that this could be done with the new premium tracking, but I'd like to have it on my own server (privacy, my customized functions and so on).

I can share my impementation of the tracking server, but it is just a very simple set of PHP scripts, MySQL DB + Google API connection with manual DB user / trackee management.

Best regards,


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Good day Jakub,

for now, such feature may be implemented using network link KML feature - suggest to check it. This feature allows to periodically fetch data from remote Url and display loaded KML/KMZ file on map. What you need is a KML file with network link object loaded into Locus Map over Data > Items tab. Good luck.


I used to use this exact method with gyntas custom tracking server, is there a way to do this with the locus native tracking, only after 10 mins the point dissapears,


What exactly you would like to do? Because the native Live tracking feature already displays and refresh the locations of other users on the map.

Custom live tracking, since Jakub created this idea, already support display of the content from the custom server. The server should just return GPX or KML in the answer, Locus Map then displays this file on the map.

Hmm ... this is exactly what Jakub wanted right? So the idea was implemented, perfect :).


Sorry, ill add as new idea.....

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