Rmap Maps don`t switch automatic to next map

ppiter shared this idea 11 years ago
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If I use sqlite maps in locus I can tell the programm to switch automatic to another map. This works fine and is very useful. If I use rmap maps this wonderful feature doesn`t work. Is it possible, to handle rmap maps in the same way as sqlite maps? I have lots of smaller maps in rmap format (I can`t create bigger ones with my programm because it can handle only small size rmap files) and I need to switch between maps often. Thanks

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Hi ppiter,

as I wrote in another topic, I think this is also more "Idea" then "Problem". In Locus is in description written that automatic change works only on "SQLite personal" maps. Anyway I agree that this should be nice extension. I`m also glad that you use this new supported format in Locus!


yes, this would be very helpful

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