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Route Planner: Change of file name/line colour

Mike S shared this problem 6 years ago

Using the route planner to plan a route works successfully. However, should I wish to edit an route by clicking on it > selecting Track Detail > selecting Route planner, and then making the required changes, and then saving the route, I get prompted to overwrite route which is what you would expect. All good so far, and this takes me back to the route information page.

Without exiting any further, should I now click on "Edit info" and change the name or line style on map, then click save, there is acknowledgement that the route information is saved, and the file name is shown to change on the new route information page (green bar at top), but the changes are not actually saved when you look at the route on the Data/Tracks page, or if you exit back to the map and click on the route which you've just edited.

The editing of the route information works as expected if you don't make any changes using the route planner.


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Good day Mike,

may you please write me exact steps that leads to this problem? I'm trying to simulate it, but without a success.

Thank you


Hi Menion

Steps are as follows:

1) Route Planner: Create route using cycling (click to path) theme and shaping points.

2) Click "Route Menu" (3 lines), and then save to name "Temp". Screen is back to normal map page.

3) Click on route "Temp", click on ">", then "Track Detail", then on "^", then on "Route planner".

4) Now in edit mode, add an additional shaping point to the route.

5) Click "Route Menu" (3 lines), and then save. Asks for confirmation to overwrite route; click "overwrite".

6) Click on "^", and then "Edit info"

7) Change name to "Temp 100km", then click "save".

8) Confirmation dialogue appears in green at bottom of screen confirming save with new file name. The green banner at the top of the screen also shows file name as "Temp 100km".

9) Click back arrow to return to map screen.

10) Click on route and the name of the route appears as "Temp" when is should read "Temp 100km".

11) If you follow the same renaming procedure as above from here, but don't alter the route alignment, the name changes and is saved correctly.

12) Clicking on shortcut "Data" and "Tracks", also confirms route name was not updated/changed to "Temp 100km".

I'm using Oreo 8.1.0 if that helps, and version 3.28.1 of Locus Maps Pro.

Hope that helps. Thanks.

PS My wife and I used Locus Maps every day during our 5 month cycle tour across Canada/Alaska during 2017 and it worked flawlessly. Just brilliant. Best navigation app out there, and really appreciate your hard work.


Good day Mike,

thank You for a very precise description of problem.

I was able to simulate problem now, you were correct. In case of "save > overwrite", Locus Map firstly saved new track and then deleted previous. Unfortunately track screen was still displaying old, already deleted track, so changes had no effect. Issue will be fixed in next version.


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