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Marty McFly shared this idea 4 years ago
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I'd like to request again a direct link from route planner to geocaching listing. As it is now, you have to quit the planner and enter each point manually.

This is a feature I use daily, as each day I am planning trip to somewhere, of which Geocaching is a huge part. So Locus is great, I love almost everything about, this is like the last big problem foe me.

Not only geocaches, but each point you have to enter this way. And because Locus is about having a lot of points visible at once and GC is a big part of Locus, it would help a lot.

I know you said it would be difficult to implement, but if you just add the the to the ICON on the bottom left, or add link to point to the 3 DOTS on the bottom right.

Such as this (2nd attachment) - DETAILS

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Especially when now Route planner moves me somewhere else than on tbe point where route planner is. So for each listing I need opened. And not just listings, even Difficulty/Terrain combination. I have to exit RP and click on cache to see D/T, how many FP it has...

Long story short, please add one small link from route planner to Point details.

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